Robot Race

For iPhone and iPad


Robot Race is the best racing game on the App Store!

Robot Race is a racing blast : Zooming at top speeds across the science-fiction landscapes of the future as the last denizens of the planet Earth: The Robots! Whether it's the mile-high apartments, the underworld caverns, or the still-functioning military complexes, all venues are fair for Robot Race!

* Each robot can transform into either a car or plane depending on the path you take
* Accelerometer or touch control steering
* 7 Unique robots each with 4 different skins
* 6 Unique tracks to play through, each with 3 different difficulty settings
* Play in a single Quick Race, or play through the 6 Circuits
* 9 Different weapons that you can use and purchase with your hard-earned race winnings
* 11 in-game badge achievements that can increase your earnings
* Moving barriers, static mines, floating speed hoops and speed squares all help or challenge your progress through the track
* Every robot has a Power Boost with a recharge -- use it wisely to win!

Keep Calm and Race On!

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